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In this website I want to share with you the benefits of business coaching and how it helped me to become much more successful in my professional career and also, as a by-product, happier and more productive in my like outside of the workplace.

One to one business coaching sessions can be used to tackle all sorts of issues such as to improve accuracy and quality of work produced

One of the main reasons for seeking out the services of a business coach in the first place is to assist with overcoming problems that you are finding difficulty in overcoming yourself. You may identify these yourself, or it may be that your manager or supervisor has noticed that you are not producing the results or levels of achievement which they expect and demand. In such circumstances, they will often identify that training and development is needed in order to increase performance.

Whilst training courses can be extremely beneficial and worthwhile, teaching new information or refreshing existing knowledge, they are not very personal in that there will be other people in the room being trained by the course tutor at the same time, which means that some of the information being imparted may not be totally applicable to everyone in the room. Similarly, it will not deal specifically with the issues which apply to an individual, and which need an equally bespoke solution to help tackle and overcome them.

Although there is some scope for team building and development through team coaching, the majority of business coaching is provided on a one-on-one basis between the individual and the coach. See for more info on business coaching courses and one-to-one coaching benefits. This allows the coach to really get to the heart of the matters which are negatively affecting that particular individual, unlike a traditional training course which has to follow a sort of one-size-fits-all approach to the syllabus content.

Who Can Business Coaching Help?

Business coaching is typically thought of as something only suitable for senior executives, but is in fact beneficial to all levels of employees, no matter where they are situated in the corporate hierarchy or what type of work they are involved in. Every worker, supervisor, manager, director or chief executive will have problems and issues from time to time which hamper their progress and prevent them from fulfilling their potential in the workplace and contributing fully to the objectives of the company. By engaging the services of a professional and experienced business coach who has seen similar or identical problems before with other people, a wealth of useful advice and guidance can be provided in order to help the individual overcome the issues.

How Did Business Coaching Help Me?

With the support of my business coach I was able to talk through the issues which were having a detrimental effect on my motivation and output at work. These issues were not only impacting the quality of my work, but also causing severe unhappiness in my personal life as I feared for my job (and the financial ramifications which this would bring) and caused me to be in a bad mood whenever the weekend was nearly over and it was time to go back into work.

Fortunately for me rather than simply firing me, my manager recognised that I did have talent (presumably why the company hired me in the first place!) and arranged for some business coaching sessions for me which fitted around my workplace commitments.

Right from the very first one I could tell how much of a help these sessions would be to me. My coach spent time at the beginning getting to know me and my personality, and then determining the exact issues which were stopping me from being happy and giving my all to helping the company succeed. Once these were fully explored, we drew up a plan of action which I could then use to begin overcoming these metaphorical hurdles and barriers. My coach made it clear from the beginning that business coaching is not about him telling me what to do, but to work with me so that the action plans were to a large extent created by me. I believe this helped enormously in keeping me focused on the task and particularly in giving me more of an incentive to succeed.

As a result of the coaching sessions I not only got my motivation back, but was able to overcome challenges with much greater ease. My motivation and determination came back, and not only was I able to use the guidance which my coach had provided to overcome challenges, but I soon found myself using that knowledge without even thinking about it. In other words, this new and improved attitude and way of working became the norm rather than something which I had to think about and consciously put into effect.

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